Ted Lawson is an American artist working across all media. His work is an ongoing revision of the male psyche, questioning notions of institutional privilege, asymmetrical power dynamics, and the discomfort of intimacy in a world where traditional discursive relations are constantly upended and continually under siege.

Characterized by a sense of hyper-compressed energy and visceral intensity approaching a state of exhaustion, Lawson frequently deploys a god’s eye POV to lure and then entrap the observer, releasing them moments later after having subjected them to his enigmatic effects. Sidestepping the merely comical and touching, junk & jokes, Lawson engages a sense of extreme pathos by implicating viewers of any gender, any race, any class.

In paintings, sculptures and myriad situational tableaux, Lawson’s work generally adheres to an overall monochromatic tonality, even while its constituent parts are as disparate as synthetic hair, robotic eyes, petrified wood, or the cast-off readymades made instantly available by consumer culture and ever more rapid cycles of planned obsolescence.

Born in 1970 in Brookline, Massachusetts, Ted Lawson currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

47 x 36 inches.